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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Handbags.... gladrags.... and fairies!

If I say so myself, this is a perfect little combination. I do love bags. Not too sure about the Gladrags - give me something oversized, frumpy and comfy! As for faires... who doesn't love fairies?? Not too sure about the real life looking ones, but cute looking ones are good for me. 

Large, oversized and comfy sort of describes my attire for the last few days - blimey it's been a little hot, hot, hot hasn't it?! So.. out with the crop trousers, floppy tops and maxi dresses. And what happens?? The rain arrives. But, I will remain positive and I know that the sun will come back at the weekend. lol. 

Anyway.. that's what tonight's post is all about. I have a little Chelsea handbag to show you from the Craftinator for this month, and also a little card that uses the handbag elements in a slightly different way. 

As you can see, the handbag was made from navy blue card, and it takes just TWO cuts to make the bag - fantastic or what?? They join at the base and then the pieces just fold up together. This means you can batch make the bases and just decorate as you need them.

I chose to do mine with a glitter card. It does shine blue, black and silver, although you can't quite see all the colours within the card which is a shame.

The lacework that comes with the bag will create a lacy section to fit in or on the bag fronts, flaps and sides. However, I chose the outside edge to cut the glitter card and then just decorated the flap up with the little fasteners you get (this was the silver bit) and I used a cameo from my stash, from Hobbycraft I think, and a small bow.

But... if you choose to use the various lacy elements of the bag on their own, on your cards, you can create something like the card below.....

The little triangular sections at the side of the topper were from the Chelsea bag, and these lace sections fit onto the top flap. That's if you chose to do that....

I also used the wordings from the collection to add my sentiment. And can you see the lipstick? That was one of the Rococo dies... it makes an awesome border!

I used the star layering dies to cut the stars to add some sparkle to the background. You don't have to add these, but I just liked it. Once I had stamped and coloured my fairy, I also added some of our fantastic glitters to add a little sparkle.

I am going to have to go and get some sleep now... the Craftinator is back on over the next few days and I am doing tomorrows shows... our lovely Jodie will be back on Wednesday xx

Friday, 3 July 2015

Feeling Twitty...

Good evening you lovely people... how are we all? 

Feeling Twitty... what a title, eh? Well, I am in fact feeling a little like that tonight. It's not been the best of weeks really with one thing or another if I'm honest. 

The eldest daughter was out in Tunisia when the terrorist attack happened, but thankfully, three days into her well deserved and looked forward to holiday, she was flown back on an emergency flight home with her two friends. She was mighty annoyed, but as a mummy, I was so relieved. 

I can't tell you what I felt when I heard the news, and I thought, 'oh she's not going to be near there...'. Only to realise that she was in fact not that far away. It was about an inch on Google maps!!!! My heart sank, and I was relieved to get a text from her saying that the three of them were fine. 

Next on the list was the Son... he's away with work for a couple of days. I know it's not too major really, but I worry about all of the children when they aren't near to me.... I have got used to the fact that DD1 is away at Uni in Lincoln, and Son lives a short way away, and DD2 lives at home.. but I like them all near. 

Last but not least was DD2. I was making my way to Tonic HQ on Tuesday, when she was admitted into hospital with a bad kidney infection... of all the timings, hers is usually the best! She hadn't been well all weekend really, but Tuesday was the day they took her in. She is out today, armed with the large clear bag of antibiotics etc... so hopefully things will improve. 

My two days at Tonic HQ were lovely. We stayed at a lovely little Guest House called Ballas Farm, near Stormy Down, and it was sooo pretty. It was in a fantastic  middle-of-nowhere location, even though it was close to where I needed to be, and it was clean, comfortable and the hospitality was amazing. So, Tonic HQ beckoned....  Seeing so many of the lovely folks there, helping doing the packing of the dies from the Pick of the Day - did I pack yours I wonder? There were a few names I recognised.. lol. And tea lady. I make a perfect Tea Lady - in fact, I may just open myself a tea rooms when I retire.. lol. Lots of laughs, hugs, and catch ups were had, as well as looking at new items, pretty things, and playing with lots and lots of ........ well, you will have to wait and see!

Anyways... onto tonights post, and I thought I would share my little Twitter-Woo with you. She is such a little stunner. I was making the card that's at the bottom of the post and both myself and the hubby looked at it and thought 'that looks like an owl!'. So, my little Woo was born. Here she is in all her pretty glory.... 

I used the handbag Rococo die that came in with the Girls Night Out collection by Tonic to cut out the base card, and then stuck it straight onto a piece of kraft coloured cardstock which had been creased along the top. I trimmed around the outside edge of the card to create the base. I then repeat cut the die a few times to trim out the wings and the face. See the little ears? Well, they are the parts that are the residue from the eye section of the die. Can you see it?

All the cut out pieces were mounted onto kraft cardstock and then finished off by trimming round, colouring where I needed some colour and adding a white gel pen detail to bring some of it to life. The beak was cut from a scrap of orange cardstock and stuck underneath the face section.

Now, can you see where the idea of the owl came from with the little bag card below?? I used the Celtic dies to create a base for the bag to sit onto towards the top of the ard and the greeting was cut and placed at the bottom.

The wine glasses come as part of the word die, but I cut it again from a cream pearlescent cardstock and stuck it over the brown. I added some glitter to the top of the glass to add some 'wine' and a little bit of sparkle, then layered the wording onto green cardstock which matched the layers. 

Here's a little close up of the bag itself, and you can see I added a brad to act as the clasp of the bag and finished it off with a little drop shadow detail, a glossy brad, and little blob or two of the nuvo drops in Gold. 

I hope you have enjoyed tonights little projects for you. Two cards, completely different, but using the same die set in a different way.

I'm sure you've all started to recieve yours too, so pop by and share a link in the comments. It would be lovely to see what you've been upto making.. xx

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A funny little post for you ...


Once upon a time, there was a fish called Boo. Now, Boo lived with another little fishy called Lou, who was her tank mate. Until Boo decided that she was a little bit peckish. And ate Lou. 

This is Boo......!

Now, Boo's mummy at the time, was a little upset at what happened, so this crazy lady, Boo's grandma (aka ME!) decided to buy Boo a little Black Moor as a tank mate. (Ok, ok.... I thought she may not have eaten her fishy friend....  and it was just a poor, diseased fishy!)  

Time passed, and a few weeks later, things started to look a little different in the land of fishy-wishy. L'il old Blacky was starting to look a little rough around the edges, hiding under the filter, keeping out of the way, and we started to wonder what was wrong. One day, grandma got a call from Boo's mummy to tell her that little Blacky had gone to fishy heaven - she'd been munched by Cannibal Boo. It was a sad day. 

So, Boo was destined to live her life all alone. In a tank. By herself. With no friends to call her own. And only fish food to munch on! 

Two years ago, she came to live at Grandma's house because her mummy was off to Uni and couldn't take her with her, so she was bought a nice big tank with lots of lovely plants and sand and stones and rocks and bubbles. But no friends. Grandma thought she could perhaps 'try' her with a little friend or two, so bought the Terrible Twinsters. Aka Billie and Bessie. 

Now, Boo took to the two little twinsters with curiosity... in a friendly way, and didn't try to eat them at all... in fact she quite enjoyed the company until they chased and chased and chased her around the tank. These twinsters were babies... Boo was an old lady... and was getting quite stressed and unhappy with the constant attention. So Granny and Grandad went to buy the twinsters another tank. 

Here are Billie and Bessie in their new home.... Billie is the one at the bottom... Bessie is at the top. 

They settled in their new home very quickly, and loved all the space. They became very good friends and they are nearly always swimming together. But one day something awful happened.... 

Grandma was looking at Bessie in the tank and something didn't seem right. She hadn't eaten her breakfast properly and kept spitting her pellets out without eating them. Very unlike her, so granny went in for a closer look. **SHOCK** There was a tank pebble stuck in Bessie's mouth. She had dislocated her mandible trying to release it and was gulping air rapidly as she panicked. So... grandma to the rescue with her blunt ended tweezers, and Operation Release Pebble had begun. 

It wasn't as easy as it seemed, and the only way to release it was to pick up Bessie in her hand and try to manouvre the stone to come out. After about half hour of a very patient Bessie being very good, the pebble eventually popped out and the mandible was massaged back to it's rightful position. 

A very bruised - but relieved Bessie went swimming back to see her Billie, and after a couple of weeks the bruising had gone down, the swelling had reduced and the jaw came back to normal. It's still a funny shape but I'm sure Bessie loves her granny to pieces because she always comes to say hello at the front of the tank, and kisses her finger if she puts it in the water. 

And Boo? Well, she is a happy little fishy living with Sloopy, her little Algae eater friend... And all is content in the land of Boo!

So... here's one last little picture I took today, that prompted my little story.... I hope you enjoyed it! xxx

Fancy a pressie?

Hello my lovelies ... how are you? 

Are you all enjoying the lovely weather? It's been amazing here this weekend - the sun has been shining, the garden has been de-weeded, de-brambled and shredded, the Vulcan VH558 has completed the V Force tour of Britain, (although this is quite sad to be honest...!) and here I am again with another Christmas card! 

This is a card I made using the wreath die set and the Rococo present, and I got to add a little colouring to the centre of the present too to give it a little bit of tone, which is all good... 

I opted to use the oranges, turquoise and black colours to give it a little spice and also, so you can see that even though these dies are primarily for Christmas, they would lend themselves to a birthday too!

The layers of the card were made to fit onto the A5 size frontage by taking off a quarter inch all around the edge. I cut with black card, then cut with the papers to ensure a correct size. The wreath was cut in layers using the circle layering dies and a centre section was made for the present to sit into. I used a little gem in the centre of the present bow to add some glitz. 

The present was cut from turquoise cardstock then layered up at the bottom with black. The whole thing was then placed onto white cardstock and cut around. This left an area to colour in. Once the whole of the topper was stuck together, the present was stuck on with foam pads, and some pearl drops added around the edge in black. 

I gauged roughly where the topper was going to sit on the card, then I wrapped ribbon around to add a border. The christmas header dies were used to cut a detail area from white cardstock, then layered up using the outside verso edge on the turquoise. This was stuck in place underneath the ribbon.

The wreath was then stuck in place using foam pads for dimension.

I will try to promise that this is the last little Christmas card you will see for a few days.... I will be back soon to show you something a little bit more Glitzy - which I am sure you're going to love!

Until then...
Jo xx

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Inky fingers.....

Hello again.... how are we all?

To be honest, I'm feeling a bit tired today - must be the heat of this funny 'sun' thing that is up in the sky. I always tend to feel a bit washed out when it's warm, well, that plus the fact that my vitamin B6 probably needs another boost! But hey!

We can't grumble about the weather though can we? It's been really lovely this past week. Just a few showers to water the plants out in the garden, and lots of drying weather for the washing. Perfect all round I'd say. However I do have one gripe - the gnats have come out in force!! My arms look like a bloomin' dot to dot pattern, although I can't quite work out what it would be if you joined all the itchy, sore, red annoying bites!!!

I have been busy this week making samples for work, and also a collection for an upcoming magasine issue, so have enjoyed my playtime in the craft room. This card for today is one that I made for the Rococo Christmas release and it's one of my favourites because I got a little bit inky and messy with it. 

I started by choosing some ink colours, and I used Distress inks in various shades of pink, lime green and brown. This was the basis of my colour theme. I wanted fresh and zingy and these are two of my favourite colours used together.

I die cut the snowflake to begin with and trimmed down all the layers for the square panels on the card. The white layer I taped down onto my glass mat using low tack tape and started to add colours through the snowflake, using it as a stencil. I brushed the colours on with the Inkylicious dusting brush - these are fab!!

Once I was happy with the colouring on the card, I released the tape and dusted around the edges to hide the white marks.

The Verso Wreath was cut from layers of white, pink and green and stuck together using 3d foam pads for that little bit of dimension. The outside was cut from the scalloped circle layering dies. 

The Yuletide Greeting in the centre was cut from the offcuts out of the wreath, and drop shadowed to give it some dimension. As you can see from the wreath detail, I turned the layers just slightly to give it a more leafy edge.

I love the colours on this card... and you know, with the wreath, the snowflake AND the gingerbread man, I could be almost tempted to get started on my own Christmas Cards... !

Now. That's a thought!

Until next time... happy crafting y'all... xxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mixing the wreaths....

Oh what a day.... !

You know those sorts of days when nothing seems to go right ? Well... I had one of those sorts of days today. 

Firstly, doing a bit of the ol' housework (always a bad thing in my book me thinks!) I decided to try some new stainless steel spray that I have for the kitchen. I took off the pieces from the hob and quickly decided to stick the ignition prodder thingy-ma-jig right under my nail. Talk about sore!!! 

Needless to say though, the stainless steel is shining brightly, no smears in sight. But the finger is still sore. Hey ho. I can still craft - sort of! As long as it doesn't include removing backings from double sided tapes and foam pads, I'm fine. But on the brighter side, I still have seven fingers left that are working correctly. Hehe. 

So, what do I have today for your post? Well. I decided to show you the muted colour card that I created for the Rococo Christmas, and one that combines the two wreath dies that are in the sets. 

The starting point for the card was the paper. I wanted a tartan christmas type of card, but not too heavy on the tartan. I found this paper in a Kanban pack that I had in my stash, and it went perfectly with the snowflake paper that contained the metallic details. 

I took the colours for the wreath from the colours within the papers, and cut and layered as I went along until it looked right. The paper in the centre of the wreath framed the smaller Rococo wreath die perfectly. 

I added a few layers to the Rococo die, using green base, then white centre and green top. I used some gilding wax in gold to bring out some of the details in the berries of the top layer, then drop shadowed the layers as I stuck them together. The circles that this section is mounted onto were cut from the layering circle dies - an invaluable set for anyones stash!

I chose a small tartan bow in soft grey to finish off the card and added a few gold card candy's here and there to complete it.

I do love how this card turned out, I must admit it is one of my favourites.. but then the die sets lend themselves to create such a variety of projects, it's hard to choose just one favourite I must admit.

Which one is yours? Do you have a favourite? Leave me a comment and tell me which one. I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time... Happy Crafting!
Jo xx

Monday, 22 June 2015

Fill your home with joy.....

Evening all you crafty bloggers.... How are you?

Have you had a good weekend? Things here have been nice and peaceful, with a little bit of family time thrown in for good measure.... A little bit of work on Saturday at Create and Craft, and a meal cooked for me when I got home, then Sunday was my day to do the family dinner and a little bit of shopping. My favourite sort of shopping though - spending someone elses money. lol. 

So, work on Saturday, was working at Create and Craft Towers with the wonderful Christmas dies. I must admit to having a few favourites, but each one has its own appeal, and this wreath is no exception. 

It's the perfect size to fit onto the front of your cards, whether smaller or larger, and will also fit into the larger independent wreath die too. 

For today's card I have used quite simple matting and layering, as I wanted to use this fab little greeting that I picked up last year from Designs on Pine in Glasgow at the SECC. I bought a page of similar greetings and this is where my colour theme came from. I chose kraft, red and black as this was the main colours in the topper.

The topper was simply layered up on to a piece of black and red card and then measured to create the panel for it to fit onto. This was cut with an even border on both the left and right sides, and the topper section mounted flat onto the card.

The Rococo Wreath was cut from black card and also cream card, but I used Forest Moss Distress Ink to brush around the edges to add some depth and colour to the cream layer. This was then popped onto the black layer using foam pads to give some dimension. You will need to cut them up a little to make sure they fit. The other alternative it to use silicone glue and leave to dry for 24 hours. But as I am quite impatient........!

I blobbed some of our Nuvo drops onto where the berries would be and covered them with red Nuvo glitter. I left it to dry before placing on the card. You can see that I created a little drop shadow too to the wreath, and finished it off with a red tartan bow and a little Card Candy to the centre... I wish I'd done one of the little glitter Jelly Tots for the centre... but hey... I can do that next time can't I!

When all the card was put together, I used the black Nuvo drops to add some details to the corners and also to the little snowman on the topper. Looking back on my makes, I love this simple design on this one, and the colours too.... maybe - just maybe - I might make some of these for Christmas cards! Now... that would be a first! **rolls eyes and sniggers**
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