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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A rose is a rose....

Morning all.... 

Sorry it's taken a few days to get a few samples on here for you, but I've been out working this weekend... I was out at Sophies in Oldham doing a demo for Docrafts on Saturday, and then at the Range in Bolton on Sunday. It's been quite a busy weekend, and thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents who popped by to keep me company and share ideas. It was lovely seeing some new faces. 

Here's one of the cards that I had with me in my samples boxes. And it is mainly to show the different ways you can use embossing folders. 

The embossing folder I used on here is the 6 inch square rose embossing folder, Rose Frame. And it is so pretty... But for this card, I embossed the corner of the folder onto the top of the oval die cut.

As the Artiste inks are on 3 for 2 at the moment in store, I have inked up with a few colours to make the rose stand out a little.

The papers are from the Gorjuss pack, and they are so beautiful and pretty. Love them lots!

The lettering on the card above, and the one below, are from the Xcut alphabet dies, two different sets.

This card below has the roses embossed onto a tan coloured card and also cream. I tried to keep the card quite simple, and I think it works well.

Again, the roses and embossing details were shaded over with a few colours of ink and the strips of paper on this card were crumpled before inking over with brown ink. This just added to the distressed look.

The hearts were pricked around with a pricking tool, and a few gems added for that bit of sparkle!

I hope you like today's card... I have got the next post sorted and I know what I'm posting... so check back in a couple of days and it'll be updated. Yes... I know... promises, promises, but I have a busy week and need to schedule! lol.

Until next time... happy crafting!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Awwww. Little Humphs being a sleeping beauty. He was absolutely sound asleep when I took this, snuggled into the side of the sofa next to my arm.

Cuteness or what!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Just the Tonic...

Good Evening one and all.....

Tonight, I thought I would just nip on after a short while away and upload a few projects.

I know I keep saying that I am going to get back into blogging again, and what with one thing or another just never seem to find a minute to do it!

I have had a busy few weeks really.... back doing my demo's on a weekly basis for Docrafts, as well as getting acquainted in my new role as a partner to the very lovely Jodie Johnson from Tonic! Yes!!! Can you believe it??!! I know I can't.

I haven't said too much about it before, but I've been liaising with Jodie for a few months now about things, and have done demo's at a couple of craft shows on behalf of Tonic. One at Manchester and also at the NEC. And to be honest, I have loved every single minute of it! Die cutting is my passion, as well as colouring, and I can cut and colour to my hearts content. What a fantastic job eh?!

So, yes. I am working with Tonic. I had the pleasure of nipping off on a road trip to Wales a few weeks ago to meet up with the team, and they are all so lovely. Laughs were shared, and products were played with! I am now in the throws of sorting out sample boards and making a huge mess on my craft room floor... lol. Jodie would be sooooo proud!

Anyway... other news... now what do I have to tell you since last time?

Well.. my demo's are going well with Docrafts, and on the side bar over there (------->) you will see where I am. And I will do my utmost to keep it up to date. We have some lovely Gorjuss girls, the elegant Bellissima range and the new Oyster Blush collection.... so lovely!

Here are a few of my Tonic makes that accompanied me to the NEC..

This one was one that everyone seemed to comment on. It's the box card with the lovely Deco Frame Die - Emily - and it is soooo pretty it just has to be my favourite. Such a fine detailed die and the swirls can be cut to fit around any size card if you wish.

The butterflies and flowers were part of an old Kanban sheet that I had, but I thought the colours went really well with the die cut.

This simple birthday card also features a Kanban topper from my stash, but I have decorated it quite simply with the Tonic Forever Moments Embossing folder (Amelia) and also one of the new Intrica punches - Regal Border. I have gone over the embossing with a little Gilding Wax too.

This cutie was a Hobby House topper that I cut to fit in the recess of one of the box cards, then decorated with a shadow cut and layered frame from the Tonic Forever Moments deco frame die - Ivy. 

This little box card was looking a little worse for wear when I got it home.. but the decoupage was so cute I had to photograph it to show you!

The frame was an Intrica punch Elegant Drape Border and the corners were from the Forever Moments Deco Frame Ivy. So pretty and it went so well too. The border was cut to a 45 degree angle at the corners and pieced together. 

I hope that you like today's little shares... I will be back (PROMISE - with a capital P) tomorrow to share a few demo samples with you too. 

Until then... happy Crafting!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bake me a bite or two....

Morning all...

I know, I promised to blog more often, but you know how it is. Working on demonstration samples for sharing with lovely customers sorta takes up some of my time. And by the time I've finished 'oohing' and 'aaaahing' over some lush products, time has just sort of gone.

That's what's happened with me this week. I got my new demo kit last week and the stuff in it is beautiful. The colours, styles and content of the new ranges is so pretty. Love the Gorjuss. Of course, everyone I know does.. and the stamps this time are just lovely. Let's just say 'fox ears'!... I will share pictures when I've gotten around to rummage into my kit and take some photos of my makes.

For the last few days I have had a bit of a bakey-makey session in the kitchen. It's really nice to get in there and do something other than making cards, so I just made some bread, made my sourdough starter (which I called Cyril!) which has now been made into a couple of loaves or three! I've baked a few cakes and made my first ever set of madeleines! Here they are....

Don't they look lovely?? I must admit, with the different reviews I had read about making them I was actually dreading having a go....! But they've turned out quite well me thinks.

This is one of my sourdough loaves. It's my first one I've made of those too! It did take a little longer to prove than normal bread, but I think that was a little bit of the mixture being thicker, and the room being cooler.

And fruit cake... who doesn't like fruit cake?

This turned out quite well too. You know, I think I could be part of the Great British Bake Off.... ! Now, there's a thought.

So, today's all about my cooking and baking escapades... nothing too exciting I guess, but for me, a little 'me' time is something I haven't really bothered to try and seek out, and I admit. I. Like. It.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the South of Wales to see some very special folks.. so I will try to upload a few of my cards from this last weekends demo's later on. Don't forget, my demo's are all listed over here --------->>
for you to see where I am.

Until later.. xxx

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Love heart girl


How are we all this morning? I thought I would pop by and upload my project for today before things get a bit hectic making up some of the lush stuff in my demo kit. I am really looking forward to a day getting inky and colour-y (is that a word? No? Well, it should be me thinks.. lol)

Onto this card, and this is the finished section of the one I showed yesterday. The girl is the added extra. I was playing around with my pens, pencils and a few stamps that I found in my room when I moved the other week. She is a Greeting Farm stamp (love these!) and has never been inked up. I know! Shock! 

I inked her up with Momento Desert Sand ink and then used my pens and pencils to add shading.  It's sorta the 'no lines' stamping, but you can still see the basic outline here. 

Here's the card in full. You can see with this one, I've just plonked her at the side of the card so that you can still see the beautiful die finish and the wording. 

To finish, I added some glitter glue around the edges just to add a bit of sparkle. 

I hope you like today's card... I enjoyed getting my pens and pencils back out to get some colouring in done... and now I'm off to do a little more up in the Hovel... 

Until later.... Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Here's lookin' at you, Kid.....

LOL..... the post just had to be called that didn't it?! 

How've we all been? Things here at Austin Towers has been a bit bonkers. The craft room has now more or less moved into another room (albeit, there's another box of  stuff to squeeze in somewhere!) and the other room has started to get dissected! The wall has come down, making it a through kitchen/diner and things are slowly getting put where they need to be. It all takes time, and the last few days I haven't had the willpower to get it finished. All in good time. 

I have had a bit of fun making a few little crochet bits though. And here's my latest little addition. I keep joking with the hubby that it's another toy for Holly's toy box.. and it may well be! That's another thing - to stop the wooflet from pinching shoes from the rack to carry and greet you, we are getting her a little toy box of her own.. so little owlet may go in there... or he may go in my craft room. We'll see! 

So. Here's Owlet. He hasn't really got a name. All ideas welcome!! We do have various things that have names. Truly has her little Tickleberry (a stuffed tick toy!) and she's also had Giraffity (guess what that was?!) and Fleabea... (yep. You guessed that too!) So... owlet? What do you think?!

Isn't he just the cutest little guy? Here are a few close ups of his details.. BIG orange eyes.. some toy eyes that I found in a little bag on my shelves. Thought they looked just the job, so plopped 'em on.

And his feeties.... oh I sooooo loved making his feeties!!! They looked so cute!

And of course he had to have a little friend.. and this was the one I did first - the little Bunjy Bunny. I'm not too happy with how this one turned out, so I may try this pattern again. But my post-it notes have gone into over drive, sticking into pages of books and magasines that I want to get doing next! 

I think my Bunjy also needs more details on her face, so this is going to have to be on my next attempt me thinks. For now, she will suffice.... as a toy in a wooflet toy box, she'll be fine and dandy!

Well... I hope you all enjoyed today's little 'different' type of post... I have certainly enjoyed having a bit of time out from the papercraft to dabble in other things.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

All my love hearts

There's something rather lovely about hearts, red roses and valentines that makes you go all mushy isn't there... and this year, I managed to combine all three of those things to create a couple of little cards for this special day. I didn't give the blue one to anyone, as I was just playing about with the Tonic dies really, but the red one was handed over to the Hubby. First Valentines card for a few years lol. 

I opted to keep the layout of the cards quite simple really, just choosing my colours and using white as my layers in between. I think they're really eye catching. 

This is the close up of the red card I did, and you can see all the beautiful detail in the Tonic die cut. Just amazing! I have a little collection of these beauties after spending time working with them the other week over at Manchester, and I just love them. I love the way they all link together, and work with one another. I love the way they cut, and the way the designs are simply delightful. 

Here are the two cards I made, and you can see just by changing the colours and adding depth and layer to the cards how you can make them pop. The blue one has a little addition to it that i added the other day, so I will show you that tomorrow. 

But here you can see the whole card. This is the same layout that I have used for both, same dies, different colours. 

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of working with my long awaited Docrafts kit.... and it is beautiful. I took it all out of the box, put it all back in and sat and admired it. I know that isn't what you are supposed to do with the items, but they're just toooooo nice to use!!

I have some stamping and colouring to do tomorrow, and then its on to the other bits of the kits to put them all together. i hope you check back on my progress later in the week... it would be lovely to have you pop by. 

Until then.... Happy Crafting!

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